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AcademyDog training courses immediately, from the comfort of home.
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Dogs are not just pets, but treasured family membersThey deserve the very best, and that’s where we come in.Diamond K9 Dog Training shares your passion for dogs and is dedicated to helping you unlock their fullest potential.

Whether you’re laying the foundation with a new puppy, mastering basic obedience, addressing reactivity, or solving challenging behaviors, we can help. Our expertise extends from teaching impeccable manners to mastering off-leash recall, ensuring a balanced state-of-mind, and so much more.

Our list of services includes Board and Train Programs, Private Training Sessions, and Training with E-Collar Technologies® products (available for purchase).
Understanding and guiding your dog’s behaviorWhile our intentions are to protect and nurture our bond, sometimes we hesitate to correct them, fearing it might hurt their feelings. Yet, when a dog’s actions risk their safety or our peace of mind, it’s essential to guide them towards better decisions. This ensures their safety and strengthens our bond. True compassion lies in guiding them away from actions that can strain the bond you share. Let’s help your dog live its best life.

Where are we located?Diamond K9 Dog Training is conveniently located in Biddeford right off exit 32, less than 30 minutes from towns such as Saco, Portland, Scarborough, Kennebunk, Arundel, Limerick, Lyman, Hollis, Dayton, Buxton, Gorham, Waterboro, Alfred, and the surrounding area.