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Ten Days to a Great Place


A beginner-friendly E-Collar course focusing on the vital “place” command. In just ten days, learn to set up, use, and master the E-Collar, ensuring your dog responds reliably even amidst distractions. Benefit from Kati’s expert tips on collar management and conditioning, all while building a stronger bond with your dog. Join us for a transformative training experience!



    This beginner-friendly course is your gateway to mastering E-Collar training, with a focus on the essential “place” command. In just ten days, Kati guides you through the fundamentals, from setting up your E-Collar and remote to implementing it effectively with your canine companion.

    Dive into the art of conditioning your dog to respond to E-Collar cues, a crucial step for establishing a solid communication channel. Our course emphasizes the importance of not relying on the E-Collar to elicit behaviors directly, but rather using it to build a foundational understanding with your dog.

    The highlight of this course is the “place” command – a versatile and invaluable skill that Kati has perfected in her training programs. By the end of your journey, expect your dog to stay reliably in place for hours, even amidst distractions.

    Kati shares practical tips on daily E-Collar management, ensuring your training is seamless and efficient. Learn about charging routines, fitting the collar correctly, and the significance of consistent use to prevent your dog from becoming “collar smart.”

    “10 Days to a Great Place” is more than just a training course; it’s a comprehensive approach to fostering a deeper bond and clearer communication with your dog. Whether you’re new to E-Collar training or looking to refine your skills, join us and transform your dog training experience!


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