I offer boarding for dogs that are currently in one of my various training programs, or that have been through it in the past.


Private Sessions

$80.00/1 session

$195.00/3 sessions

I am currently offering private sessions in your home or at a mutually agreeable location. I offer help with basic and intermediate obedience, as well as manners, and stopping unwanted behavior including but not limited to jumping, mouthing, barking, nipping, counter surfing, and digging. Please be advised that behavioral issues occurring in the home are easiest to modify if the training session occurs in the home. Private sessions are typically about one hour in duration and may be purchased in bundles of three to receive a discount.

Diamond K9 FLO Puppy Class

$130.00/ 6 hours

The Diamond K9 Foundations of Leadership and Obedience Puppy Class is six weekly classes. The first class is for owners only (leave puppies home). During the first class we cover how dogs learn, how they communicate, how to shape behavior, what you can start doing today to improve your relationship, common mistakes, and Q&A. The next 5 classes focus on how to teach your puppy basic obedience and also give the puppies a few minutes of play time and Q&A for the owners. The goal is to cover sit, down, come, place, and leave it if time permits. “Stay” is also taught, as it is built in to all positional commands. Strategies to teach loose leash walking are also covered. I limit class to 10 puppies so that I can provide adequate guidance and personal attention to participants. This class is open to all puppies 8-18 weeks of age with current vaccination schedules (vaccinations do not need to be complete to participate).

Day Train

Puppies <6 months- $50
Adult dogs >6 months- $50

The day train program is a unique and highly customizable option for people who are busy and need some help teaching their dog basic commands, manners, and leash walking. Drop your dog off for the day and while you are working or running errands, I will have several sessions with your dog. Schedule a pick up time and we will spend 10-15 minutes covering what the dog learned and how you can work on enforcing and advancing it at home in a manner that will work with your schedule and lifestyle. I provide day train clients with pertinent printouts to assist you in reaching your goals.

Board and Train

Best value

1 week- $300 ($450 w/remote collar)

This program is an amazing value for anybody that wants to teach their puppy or adult dog basic commands and manners. For a limited time, I am offering this program that is perfect for the dog who hasn’t learned yet, or needs to start over because they have learned to only comply some of the time due to confusion or lack of desire. This program is suitable for any dog of any age that is not presenting with any serious behavioral issues. Your dog gets to start from scratch, and will go home with seven full days of consistent training under their belt! The price includes a one hour go home session to show you the protocols so that you can pick up right where we left off. It also includes an optional one hour follow up session to be scheduled within 60 days. If you have goals you want to accomplish with your dog, make today the day you finally make them happen!

Basic obedience, manners, stopping unwanted behaviors & more..

Puppy <6 months –
2 day- $120
5 day- $200
7 day- $300

Adult >6 months –
2 day- $150 ($300 w/remote collar)
5 day- $375 ($500 w/remote collar)
1 week- $475 ($600 w/remote collar)
2 week- $800 ($900 w/remote collar)

I offer a variety of board and train options. During your free consultation we can discuss if my program is a good fit for you at this time, and what the best option is for you and your dog. There is no obligation to schedule training during a consultation. I aim to choose the shortest program that I am confident will be sufficient to reach your goals. This way I can avoid charging you for unnecessary days. These prices include session time with the owner(s) to cover the training material and technique. Remote collar programs are usually recommended for adult dogs to obtain the most reliable obedience and behavior modification results, especially in the two week board and train option. Remote collars drastically improve clarity for the dog by utilizing low levels of stimulation during obedience training. It is a common misconception that remote collars are only for punishment. While they can be used as a corrective tool, they provide us with much more diversity than that. Modern collars have one hundred levels or more, and allow us to communicate with the dog more meaningfully than ever before.

Remote Collar Recall

Private- $500
Semi-private- $400

This package includes 5-6 sessions at your home and a high end remote collar from E-collar Technologies to help you reach your goal of teaching your dog a rock solid recall. These collars offer 100 levels of stimulation and the ability to communicate with your dog (leash free!) up to one mile away depending on the model. For a deep discount, gather a couple of friends who would like to participate (minimum group size is 3, and maximum group size is 4). See the breakdown of the course below.

Class 1-
Meet and greet
Introduction to the collar
Conditioning the dog to the collar
Recall basics and first steps (on leash)

Class 2/3-
Recall next steps (on leash)- gradually increasing distance and distraction.

Class 4-
Recall with long distance and moderate to high distraction (dragging a long line) and introducing consequences for non-compliance.

Class 5/6-

Proofing the behavior in the real world. Off leash recall mastery demonstration.

Reactivity/ Aggression Rehab

$700- 10 in-home sessions

I currently offer an aggression rehab program that is designed to give owners the information and support they need to rehabilitate their dog in their home environment without having to spend thousands of dollars to send the dog to an extensive boarding program, often spanning 4-8 weeks. This program is intended for dogs that have a bite history (human or dog) or have demonstrated an intent to harm. I also accept dogs presenting with reactivity into this program. Rehabbing aggression in a dog’s home environment is difficult, but the prognosis is often good if you are willing to make adjustments and put in the effort required. This will require an immense commitment on the owner’s part and I won’t provide services to any person that is unlikely to be able to fulfill their commitment as it will be a waste of their time and money. I won’t provide you with training that won’t work for you. It is a serious endeavor, but is well worth every penny if you can stick to the protocols. This is currently the only program I offer for truly aggressive dogs. I do not currently rehab aggression in a board and train format. This price includes 10 sessions occurring over the course of 4-6 weeks and a high end remote collar from E-collar Technologies.

Free Content

I am passionate about helping people win when it comes to their dog. Whether you just want your dog to learn that “sit” means “sit” or you are struggling with more serious issues, I offer lots of helpful advice and tips to common problems and obedience training on several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. @DiamondK9DogTraining You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, MeWe, Tik-Tok, and YouTube. There is no obligation on your part to purchase training or to compensate me for taking advantage of any of my social media services, videos, message advice, or private, in-person consultations. These things are offered for free, and I appreciate it immensely when you share my content, enabling me to help more people.

Messaging Support

You can send a private message on the Diamond K9 Facebook page to get answers to your dog training questions. I provide this as a free service. I expect nothing in return and try to respond within 24 hours.

I want to empower owners who are willing to put in the work with their dog. We should all strive for a well behaved dog and it is my pleasure to help people achieve that by answering their questions.

Of course not all serious issues can be resolved this way, but it can still give you the clarity you need to decide how you should proceed. When I struggled with my own dog, I didn’t have any support. Even the professionals I paid for help gave me advice that did not work. It is my hope that if you are experiencing issues with your dog that this content and free message service will give you answers.


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