Private Sessions

Private sessions are typically about one hour in duration and may be purchased in bundles of three to receive a discount.

Private sessions are ideal for help with leash walking, leash reactivity, stopping simple, nuisance behaviors, or teaching basic commands.

1 session $80.00
3 sessions $195.00

FLO Puppy Class

The Diamond K9 Foundations of Leadership and Obedience Puppy Class is six weekly classes.

The first class is for owners only (leave puppies home). During the first class we cover how dogs learn, common mistakes, and Q&A. The next 5 classes focus on teaching your puppy basic obedience and also give the puppies a few minutes of play time, and Q&A for the owners.

This class is open to all puppies 8-18 weeks of age with current vaccination schedules (vaccinations do not need to be complete to participate).

6 hours $130.00

Day Train

This is ideal if you lead a busy lifestyle. I have 3-5 short sessions with your dog, over the course of 3 to 9 hours, while you go about your day.

This includes one session with you during pick up.

Puppies < 6 months $50
Adult dogs > 6 months $50

Board & Train – Just The Basics

This program is 7-10 days, and it is an amazing value for anybody that wants to teach their puppy or adult dog basic commands and manners while balancing the investment of time and money. For a limited time, I am offering this program that is perfect for the dog who hasn’t learned yet, or needs to start over because they have learned to only comply some of the time due to confusion or lack of desire.

* Dogs presenting with aggression are not eligible for this program. Seven days is not enough time to train and proof behaviors. There will be some investment of time on your end when the dog returns home. Your dog will get 7 days of constant consistency, and will be on their way to becoming an absolute pleasure. I provide support through two private sessions (included in the price). And I’m always happy to answer questions. We typically cover “sit”, “down”, “place”, “heel”, and waiting at thresholds.

7-10 days $300 ($450 w/remote collar)

Board & Train Options To Suit Your Needs !

I offer a variety of board and train options. During your free consultation we can discuss if my program is a good fit for you at this time, and what the best option is for you and your dog.

Puppy < 6 months
2 day $100 (includes 1 session w/owner)
5 day $200 (includes 1 session w/owner)
7 to 10 day $250 (includes 2 sessions w/owner)
Adult > 6 months
2 day $150 (includes 1 session w/owner)
5 day $200 or $350 w/remote collar (includes 1 session w/owner)
1 week $300 or $450 w/remote collar (includes 2 sessions w/owner)
2 week $500 or $650 w/remote collar (includes 2 sessions w/owner)
3 week $800 w/remote collar (includes 3 sessions w/owner)
4 week $900 w/remote collar (includes 4 sessions w/owner)

Remote Collar Recall

This package includes 5-6 sessions at your home and a high end remote collar from E-collar Technologies to help you reach your goal of teaching your dog a rock solid recall. These collars offer 100 levels of stimulation and the ability to communicate with your dog (leash free!) up to one mile away depending on the model.

Class 1
Meet and greet
Introduction to the collar
Conditioning the dog to the collar
Recall basics and first steps (on leash)

Class 2
Recall next steps (on leash)
Gradually increase distance and distraction beyond first class.

Class 3
Recall next steps (on leash)
Gradually increase distance and distraction beyond second class.

Class 4
Recall with long distance and moderate distraction (dragging a long line).

Class 5
Recall with long distance in a novel environment (dragging a long line)

Class 6
Off leash recall mastery – proofing.

Private $500

Reactivity/ Aggression Rehab

I currently offer an aggression rehab program that is designed to give owners the information and support they need to rehabilitate their dog in their home environment without having to spend thousands of dollars to send the dog to an extensive boarding program, often spanning 4-8 weeks. 

This will require an immense commitment on the owner’s part. It is imperative that every person in the home is prepared to make changes to the way they live with the dog.  It is a serious endeavor, but is well worth every penny if you can adhere to the protocols.

This price includes 10 sessions occurring over the course of 4-6 weeks and a high end remote collar from E-collar Technologies.

10 in-home sessions $700


I offer boarding for current and previous training clients only.

Per day $40
Per week $250

Free Content

I am passionate about helping people win when it comes to their dog. Whether you just want your dog to learn that “sit” means “sit” or you are struggling with more serious issues, I offer lots of helpful advice and tips to common problems and obedience training on several social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. @DiamondK9DogTraining You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, MeWe, Tik-Tok, and YouTube. 

These things are offered for free, and I appreciate it immensely when you share my content, enabling me to help more people.