FAQ – Diamond K9


Q: How do I know which training option is best?
A: My programs are tailored to help owners with their specific needs. Determining factors include age of the dog, what level of obedience you want, and how severe behavioral issues are. We can set up a free evaluation so that I can meet your dog, answer your questions, and decide if any of my programs are a good fit for you.
Q: Does it cost more if I have multiple dogs?
A: The package prices listed are per dog. If you choose to purchase private sessions as you go, then I do not charge based on the number of dogs, I charge based on time invested. Many trainers charge per dog, but ultimately, you will purchase the amount of time we need to train all dogs involved. How much time that will be is dependent upon the dogs’ ability to advance and the amount of time you invest in between sessions.
Q: Do you offer support after a board & train?
A: Absolutely! All programs come with some private session time included in the price. I am always happy to support my clients, regardless of which format of training they purchase, by answering their questions and helping them problem solve any issues after their dog completes the program.
Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A: Dogs are living organisms with minds of their own! While most dogs can be trained to a high level of reliability, even the best trained dogs can sometimes make bad decisions. Also, a big part of your dog’s success is dependent upon your willingness and ability to consistently adhere to the same protocols I use and teach you during our private session time. For that reason, I can’t offer a money back guarantee. I do, however, guarantee that I will support you after completion of the program, and I will do everything I can to help you achieve the results you want with your dog.
Q: Do you use “positive only” methods?
A: Providing dogs with both positive and negative feedback is integral to my program. What we use depends on what we are training and what level of understanding the dog has at the time. We initially train obedience commands using positive reinforcement methods, specifically, clicker training.

If your dog exhibits any unwanted, problematic, or dangerous behaviors, we use fair and appropriate corrections to reduce and eliminate the behavior. Then we can provide them with guidance and reward them for making better decisions! This creates an inhibition of the old behavior, while reinforcing and solidifying the new, more desirable behavior.

Using a balanced approach is the most effective way to increase desired behaviors and decrease undesired behaviors. Using only one approach would significantly hamper results. A big part of what we do is educating owners on how to provide this clear and consistent feedback at home.
Q: Why do you use e-collars and prong collars?
A:Short answer: These are the tools that have helped my clients and their dogs the most.

Want to know more? Modern remote collars are incredibly versatile! We only use 1 brand of e-collar. They have a minimum of 100 levels of stimulation,and have a range of 1/3 mile to 1 full mile, depending on the particular model! This makes them perfect for dogs of any sensitivity level. Low level stimulation is a tool most people are unfamiliar with. Puppies can start training with this as young as 16 weeks. It is not painful, and it allows us one more very valuable way to communicate with and motivate our dogs, even nervous and fearful dogs! Imagine your dog is a half mile away—but now you can tap him on the shoulder.

Remote collars offer owners the ability to communicate with their dog off-leash, whether it is a low-level reminder or a higher, corrective level of stimulation that you need in a particular scenario. I never recommend that a dog be off-leash outside without e-collar training! It is like a safety belt, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be able to keep your dog and everyone around you safer because you now have the ability to get your dog’s attention and influence their decision making. Historically, remote collars have helped my clients to be very successful in a broad range of circumstances.

While prong collars may look rather barbaric to a person who is not accustomed to using them, the truth is that prong collars are an extremely safe, versatile, and effective tool. They are used for teaching leash walking, foundational obedience, and also stopping unwanted behaviors. 95% of the dogs (including puppies!) in my program will work on a prong. Remember, it’s just a tool—YOU control it. I teach my clients solid leash handling skills so that they can effectively communicate with their dog through the leash and collar.This can be very difficult to do on other styles of collar. The prong collar is superior because the dog can feel everything you are saying through the leash. Once you try it, you will LOVE it.
Q: I heard remote collars make dogs aggressive, is this true?
A: No. I have NEVER seen it. I suspect it is possible, but you would really have to work at it! But that would not be training. That would be abuse. As with all tools, we provide lots of training. The tool itself won’t do the training! You should not put an e-collar on your dog and just randomly push buttons. In our program, your dog will have a full understanding of what the stimulation is and how to respond to it. Sadly, this type of misinformation keeps people and their dogs stuck. My clients have been very successful using the remote collar, and you can be too.
Q: Do you offer payment plans?
A:Yes! If you can’t afford to purchase a program right now, that is no problem! You can submit a $100 (non-refundable) deposit to book your program on the calendar, and hold your spot. Then pay as you are able. All programs must be paid in full 5 days prior to the commencement date if you are paying via the payment plan. In order to receive a full refund on post deposit payments, you must cancel at least 10 days prior to commencement. More details can be provided in a free evaluation.